Melinda Domzalski-Hansen


Melinda Domzalski-Hansen has worked in the insurance industry for almost 19 years. For the first half of her career she worked in customer servicing roles, then moved into individual sales which lead her to acquiring a role as an Account Manager for Major and National accounts where she oversaw and serviced large and national group clients. For the second half of her career, she has worked in product management, regulatory compliance, and management roles where she oversaw the implementation of various Medicare and Health Insurance products and directed the implementation activities related to the setup of ACA health insurance programs and the state exchange.

Before she started working for ER, she was working as the Director of Health Insurance Programs, for the Minnesota Department of Commerce. In this position, she directed the Health Insurance Division team’s regulatory oversight of forms, rates, marketplace filings, various health reform programs, grants, audits, and certifications. Melinda resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Contact Information

Melinda Domzalski-Hansen
Office: 404.816.6188
Cell: 651.675.8322


Mission Statement

To provide consulting services that efficiently and effectively meet our clients' objectives and improve the quality of insurance regulation with the ultimate goal of safeguarding policyholders.


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