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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is at the forefront of our mission and purpose. It is the policy of ER to ensure that the employment activities of our company are free from discrimination of all kinds. No qualified applicant for employment or our employees are discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or marital/family status. Differing perspectives, opinions and differences is a commitment we take seriously and what makes ER a safe place where YOU come to work as YOU.

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    I am proud to say I work at ER. The company truly values its employees, which in turn, enables me to feel supported, motivated, and empowered to grow and feel passionate about my work. The collaborative culture is inspiring as employee successes and achievements are always recognized. I love being able to work towards a bigger purpose of protecting consumers, while being surrounded by talented and responsive professionals who have influenced my development in all positive aspects. ER provides me with endless possibilities to learn, while giving me the challenge I need.

    Andrea Goth


    As a new Mom, working for a company that values diversity and inclusion and a work life balance is important to me, which is what I found working at ER. At ER, I enjoy working alongside a diverse group of critical thinkers that care about people. I feel supported and empowered to accomplish my professional passion and shared work goals all while balancing my personnel and community commitments. It is exciting to be a part of a team that focuses on collaborative solutions aimed at providing excellence in service through the ER Sterling Approach.

    Natalie Howe