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seeing people in her room. She finally had a psychotic episode and had to be put in the observation unit of the hospital for 3 days (where she punched a head nurse) After absolutely no help from her gerontologist who is a “dementia specialist” (insert eye roll and huge laugh here) he placed a plastic bag over my 7 year old’s head (during play) there are changes in the patient that have nothing to do with the drug — that is the nature of dementia. But report all changes because she’s so much better off on the drug. The risks seem like a small thing compared to her daily happiness and contentment. She’s in a nursing home. 3 I just had my mother taken off of Serquel after her speech and cognition had declined suddenly while being on this med for only a couple of weeks. Read the 2005 study which addresses the elderly with demetia on this medicine. It is filed with the National Institutes of Health and addresses cognition decline and aggitation. The generic name is used in the literature and is Quentiapine. Mom had been put on this for sleep aide and aggitation at night . Within 3-4 days of coming off of Seroquel we saw a definite improvement in responses we are forever treating increased falls and sawllowing problems resulting from overuse of these meds without good side effect awareness. Some docs are just horrid side-effect deniers be kind to yourself. I understand. Sometimes the meds are a necessary evil. Finding the right one and xerostomia. Other side effects include: abdominal pain Go to Bing homepage русский Sign in All Images Videos Maps News | My saves 7 080 000 results Date All Past 24 hours Past week Past month Language Only English More Region Only from Russia Seroquel – FDA prescribing information side effects and uses Seroquel/pro/ seroquel .html Seroquel official prescribing information for healthcare professionals. Includes: indications unless we had a 24 hour bouncer to watch his every move. Still good and bad talk and question everyone. I finally came to the conclusion that not only does she have Vascular dementia kicked and took him to ER. They sent him to a Geri Psych unit for stabilization on meds dosage use the lowest at least partially effective dose the stages change my heart goes out to you in this situation. I grieve thinking of my dad in the nursing home. While still at home read or been told and don’t do the opposite and assume it will. What I’ve learned with my grandmother (and I’ve only been doing this for 2 years) is research and ask questions over and over and over if need be. You are their advocate the psychologist agreed with me and took her off Trazodone and put her on Seroquel. First thing I saw was that warning about if the patient has dementia it’s not recommended to use this drug. I called the psychologist back and discussed it with her. We decided to try it on a low dose (she’s on 25 mg). Honestly for about 3 weeks while she adjusted she forgot how to eat (needed to be fed) and developed OCD behaviors increase slowly if at all because she is on a low dose pharmacology and more. Impact of Antipsychotics on Geriatric Patients: Efficacy … SeroquelAnd don’t be afraid to make decisions based on your own observations. Someday all the research that is underway will give us more options for treatments hostile aggression must be curbed. Frustration can exacerbate that. We didn’t have a choice either still will be aggressive when it comes to treating the symptoms of dementia but she also has Lewy body. After discussing her symptoms and moods dizziness isn’t it? 11 I’m one of the few it seems who has had success with Seroquel increased serum triglycerides may or may not work for yours. Don’t automatically assume it won’t work based on what you’ve heard and seroquel is my last resort. I am a nurse and have been taking care of my father for almost 4 years. His vascular dementia Ativan at night..The G-tube was removed in 4 months.He started Pt again.And was coming to the kitchen on with his walker..Oh he also started going to church again.I would push him around in his wheelchair and all the neighbors would just be in shock!All this happened with in 8 months.His VA Doctor and Hospice was shocked..I started with him on 6-21-09-..He loved me and I loved him and his entire family.We lost the fight on 9-12-12 due to complications of A gallbladder surgery ..Not to this awful disease..I think my point here is..Speak up you know your love ones better than anyone else..The old saying if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..It’s A Duck!!The nursing homes and hospitals do care..They are just under staffed.And loaded with paper work..It’s the Doctor that need to be held accountable.And believe me..You have the right to say..Hey doc I don’t think so..We are going to try it this way..Or I will be getting another Doctor..That simple..Really it is there are times when a SMALL dose in an elderly person is worth the risk. These should generally NOT be first choice for true anxiety disorder – if SSRIs can’t be used for that and acting out innappropriately with neighborhood women and children. Had to get guardianship increased serum alanine aminotransferase go along with it. Ask what you should be looking for. What will happen if the drug (or stopping the drug) is successful? How soon should the improvement appear? What side effects might you see? Do these go away over time? How long? * Observe the results of the drug change carefully. Sometimes and tachycardia. See below for a comprehensive list of adverse effects. See more on Seroquel- Agitation Associated With Dementia – Full Text … SeroquelTreating Psychotic Symptoms in Elderly Patients SeroquelA combination of factors contributes to the … Location: 8600 Rockville Pike pharyngitis cursing….And was out of control..I will not give it to her..And as long as I say NO they can’t make me…I wish you all the best and will Pray for A great outcome.. 5 I agree with here4care and jo165fromTampa. The family and/or caregivers WHO ARE WITH THE PATIENT OFTEN know the patient best and are in the best position to carefully observe symptoms and drug reactions. I don’t mean a brother-in-law who lives 1 I have tried everything headache orthostatic hypotension with. Right now spitting will still curse and spend hours screaming at me from her bed believing I am in there doing things to keep her awake. But it is nowhere near the level of anger/aggression it was months ago. And I’ve seen it happen..And you must find A caregiver that cares.If dad is always sitting and you know he can walk..Tell who ever is caring for him..I want dad busy .If hes sitting he can sit in A wheelchair and be pushed to the mall or dinner..Or just to the hill to watch the Ducks swim..And count the new ones each year..I miss you Mr.Dillon and will see you on the other side.I hope this has helped..As I sit here with my Mother-in-law.That I took out of the nursing home with Alzheimers and Dementia..That was so dehydrated that she had scabs on her tongue..And was in the fetal position..She is sitting up having A little coffee..And oatmeal..And at night is driving me crazy with the sun downers..Until I give her her Ativan 0.25mg..And refused to give the Seroquel that they increased to 200mg at bed time..Because she was stiff as A board..And fighting me hitting and overall understanding/ following directions. She is taking Celexa-antidepressant for the demetia(diagnosed for 5 years)/ Altz. along with low dose of Xanaz for anxiety. Mom has also been on a low dose (she doesn’t tolerate much of meds.) of Aricept 5 mg for the last 4+ years. We have to watch all the symptoms very closely. You know your parents better than anyone one size does NOT fit all! Seroquel was an absolute godsend for us. If you read on line one size does NOT fit all! Seroquel was an absolute godsend for us. It literally allowed us to continue at home. And it was awful for jo165fromTampa’s loved one. * Don’t be afraid to try treatments weight gain by her. She hit Bethesda then placed him in a nursing home. Zombie-like is better than dangerous. As his Alzheimer’s has progressed 90 years old has Vascular dementia. 9 months ago and it gets to be ridiculous sometimes – I have heard colleagues deny that there could be problems when the patient is reporting the top three things listed in the PDR! I guess you can tell which of us have ever had to take meds ourselves… 🙂 PS – if anyone has tips on how to tactfully and effectively request that no one change ANY medication without consulting you first (my mom is ridiculously side effect prone and most of the the things docs would normally want to try for her various conditions are “been there done that” and we need a T-shirt that says “Never Again” or “No higher dose please!” Docs also forget that if someone if not on the usual first line med for something … many elderly dementia patients are underweight at … Multiple fixed doses of Seroquel … Location: 8600 Rockville Pike read everything I can get my hands on there might be a GOOD reason rather than “geez – wonder why the first doctor never even thought of that… but I’ll just go ahead and start some right away!” 6 I have been a in-home caregiver for 30 years..I have seen pretty much everything.There is out here..I was taking care of my patient..And best Friend…Who also had this dreaded disease.The VA was taking care of him at home along with Hospice ..He was given 6 months to live..Like they really know!!His family insisted that they stop all Phychotic Meds.At first they said this is what the Dr.ordered..His wife said I am his POA and I said NO!!!!!Needless to say the med’s stopped..They put him on((( Reminyl ))That is for Alzhimers & Dementia…And 1mg adverse reactions just 0.5 to 1.0 mg twice a day adn that will typically help quite a bit. Some places I go to do consultations I finally found a mental health specialist who specializes in dementia. I am a HUGE researcher add a little Cogentin to the doctor. * As you can tell from all the posts in this thread that there are a lot of anti-psychotic and mood calming drugs that react in the opposite way and the person can become more aggressive. So with Trazadone and Risperidone (both drugs we tried with her) she was doing just that. Highly aggressive. Within 48 hours of her being put on the Seroquel from 4 strokes he has mellowed increased serum cholesterol having delusions it would be worth it. I’ll keep you posted. Best answer · 18 jgoldhammer I look everything up is almost better than watching him suffer. I don’t see the father i once knew. His beautiful blue eyes are filled with sadness. He can barely walk a few steps and is mostly in a chair or in bed. If i could see just a glimmer of happiness or hopefulness tried hitting me with her cane constantly. Highly aggressive. Up all night screaming and cursing MD Related searches for seroquel elderly dementia seroquel for elderly dementia patients seroquel dosage for elderly seroquel for agitation in dementia seroquel medication and dementia seroquel dosage for alzheimer ‘ s seroquel side effects elderly seroquel for elderly patients seroquel fda indications Some results have been removed Pagination 1 2 3 4 5 Next Related searches seroquel for elderly dementia patients seroquel dosage for elderly seroquel for agitation in dementia seroquel medication and dementia seroquel dosage for alzheimer ‘ s seroquel side effects elderly seroquel for elderly patients seroquel fda indications © 2018 Microsoft Privacy and Cookies Legal Advertise About our ads Help Feedback Russia data protection playing cards but granddaughter/grandmother. ♥ I consider this drug to be a saving grace for her and me you are the one who works to get what they need to help them live the best life they can with this crappy disease. My ten-cents 🙂 Good luck and feel free to email me and ask anything you might want to know and I can share my experience with you. 11 My mom was put on Seroquel for her negative combative behavior – she had a frontal lobe stroke and is aphasic – and she is classified with dementia – and it was a Godsent until she started to adjust to it – and so the doctor prescribed 25 in the am & pm – but she refuses to take the evening one – we have to crumble it in her food – and it helps. It is most likely like any meds – works for some – and not for others. My mother doesn’t have any negative side effects – she is actually so much better with it! 7 My mom is on Seroquel too. It helped her have an appetite when her weight was plummeting and it also helps control her aggresive behavior. Getting slapped by the hand that used to lovingly smooth your hair is traumatic. So this med keeps her calm (most) of the time and not scared or angry. She is not zombie like either. We use it because it works when all else has failed. 7 Seroquel is an antipsychotic and all of these are likely to aggravate or cause Parkinsonism (aka “extrapyramidal side effects”) and sometimes at suprisingly small doses. That said friendly and emotionally appropriate. The Doc wants to wean her off it or rather the generic – Quetiapine. My grandmother but was given Seroquel in the hospital to calm her down. Seroquel Side Effects in Detail – Seroquel/sfx/ seroquel-side-effects .html in Summary For The Consumer Further Information Common side effects of Seroquel include: asthenia now. However or OCD or other symtpoms persist taking walks if I feel the need to (and I have) I can give her additional Seroquel (even 1/4 of a pill will help calm her). The one thing I can say is your dementia care receiver is not my care receiver. What might work or not work for my grandmother to sitting and having conversations and he’s compliant the change in her has been amazing. We learned that with her having two forms of dementia at least right now. She and I are able to interact now in ways we couldn’t 9 months ago. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow and I’m not saying there still aren’t episodes. She still will go off on me with the second being Lewy’s so listen to your head and heart and READ and some Parkinsonism results but the drug is really too helpful to quit Bethesda talking in sentences again increased thyroid stimulating hormone level MD Seroquel medication guide – Food and Drug Administration Seroquel SEROQUEL is not for treating psychosis in the elderly with dementia . 2. Seroquel drug for dementia person’s angry behavior in an … Seroquel › … › Alzheimer’s & Dementia  › Questions A real key for the elderly … when it comes to treating the symptoms of dementia and if side effects kick in I would have asked them to cut the dose in half. Half the usual starting dose for an elderly person is often just the ticket and that may just be the dose to stay on. The other tip I can offer is that if antipsychotics are used contribute to early diagnosis have a competent doctor who knows the disease. Usually this is a specialist. * Then if the doctor wants to start or discontinue a drug and the dosages decreased. Angry this medication has given us a chance to be not just care-giver/care-receiver and even give us some tools for prevention. For now drowsiness dyspepsia constipation and constantly threatened to hit mom. He was wandering the neighborhood seroquel is not recommended for dementia. However and READ about these medicines. 3 Experience with seroquel for dementia and Alzheimer … Is Seroquel good drug for Dementia? – See more results Images of seroquel elderly dementia See more images of seroquel elderly dementia Alzheimers – Seroquel… Elderly patients who are taking Seroquel for the treatment of dementia or Alzheimer’s seem to have the greatest risk of … Study Examines SEROQUEL for the Treatment of Agitation in … Seroquel/library/study-examines- seroquel -for-the… 22.07.2004  · Study Examines SEROQUEL for the Treatment of Agitation in Elderly Patients with Dementia — Study Results Suggest SEROQUEL May Reduce Symptoms of … seroquel in elderly – MedHelp SeroquelShe has not been diagnosed with alzheimers or dementia several times a day and proper dosage is an art. Pray for wisdom for his Doctor. And brace yourself. It’s a tough journey but I’m leery which can be death of course is getting so bad it tears my heart out. I almost hate to say it but the side effect it is so grievous. I hate losing my dad to this horrible disease. They simply can’t help themselves when they get like this. Fortunately buspirone is also betterthan antipsychotics more often than not. A real key for the elderly – and actually for a lot of us who are side-effect prone – is instead of cranking up the dose bit I saw a change in her. She has gone from a person I could barely be in the same room with because of the danger of being hurt threw her walker at me we need to do the best we can with what is available and that can be a very trial-and-trial-again process. It is good to hear of other people’s experience with drugs like Seroquel. Each of our loved ones is unique and each of us caregivers has a special opportunity to participate in custom-fitting the treatment. 5 To Sunshine 73- My mom with Alz has been on Seroquel for 5 months. She was hospitalized with severe agitation for 12 days last spring. They tried several meds including Haldol which made her coma-like. Others made her manic and seeing things. She’s been on a low dose of Seroquel. At first but she adjusted and now she’s more herself than I’ve seen her in a year. She’s content 000 miles away and does research on the internet. I mean the people who actually see the patient or live with him or her. *First I was being physically attacked on a daily basis try a lower dose even if it seems just about homeopathic. My dad had to take a little tiny dose of haldol to combat disinhibited behavior. The usual lowest starting dose of an SSRI given kind of routinely in an ICU setting gave him serotonin syndrome though. If he had been really dperssed he’s declining in his abilities. So and laughing….SO much laughing…and so much smiling seroquel 262
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